Servers and Upgrades

“Improve performance, capacity and availability across your enterprise”.


If you are running legacy applications critical to your business then utilising refurbished servers and upgrades is THE way to keep that infrastructure online and not just running but maximising performance, capacity and expanding availability across your existing network at a fraction of the cost of new and without compromising reliability or quality.

We specialise in the supply of HP Proliant, IBM X series and DELL Poweredge Servers plus Intel processors, genuine branded memory upgrades and storage options.

“Let us know the servers you have by model and specification and we can give you a same day quotation or supply an upgrade options path tailored to your requirements – contact us for pricing, availability and global shipping options”

  • HP Proliant, IBM X series and DELL Poweredge Servers
  • Memory – DDR3 DDR4 – 4Gb, 8Gb and 16Gb DIMMS
  • Intel Processors – Xeon E5 V1 V2 and V3
  • Network adaptors
  • Storage options

Installation services available throughout the UK and Europe, all parts supplied fully tested and warranted for 12 months.

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